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Do you want to complete your degree, but unsure where to start?

Roberts has an option for you no matter where you’re starting from.

What is Degree Completion?

学位完成课程提供了一种加速和创新的方法来获得副学士学位或学士学位,允许学习者申请过去的大学学分, professional training, and life experiences toward a degree – at Roberts, your experience counts! Unlike the traditional 2- or 4-year approach to completing an A.S. or B.S. degree, 符合条件的学生可以在12-24个月内完成罗伯茨的学位课程(兼职或全日制)。, attending just one or two, 5-to-8 week classes per term, online or in-person.

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What Will You Do With Your Minutes?

你在罗伯茨教育中所花费的时间将决定你今后的生活方式. 课程作业完全沉浸在当今现代工作场所的现实中, 你将有独特的机会完成课堂作业,并在第二天的工作中应用你所学到的知识. At Roberts, 你将得到来自众多行业的一些顶级领导者的指导,学习如何在你的特定行业取得成功, 同时也要建立一个持久的专业网络,可以把你从今天的位置带到明天你想要的位置.

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Before You Begin

  • 在本说明书的背面查看您的一般完成路径
  • Attend an informational webinar or meeting with an enrollment counselor
  • Order official transcripts from every college or university you attended. Send directly to Roberts Wesleyan University “AGE Admissions.”
  • 为完成学位的个性化计划接受转学分评估
  • Apply to your program of interest using our free application — www.dylandunlapmusic.com/Apply-Now

Credit Earning Options

Do you have less than 45 credits?

  • Start/Earn an Associates Degree — complete your Arts & Culture, A.S. at Roberts 100% online (12-24 months)!

Do you have between 45-59 credits?

  • Transfer past college credit (C- or above)
  • Take Pathway classes (evenings/online)
  • Evaluate Professional Training for Credit
  • Evaluate Military Transcripts for Credit
  • DSST/CLEP Exams
  • Life Learning Papers

Do you have between 60-86 credits?

  • You’re ready to start your program! 你可能需要额外的27个学分才能正式完成你的学位. These additional credits will be earned through the same methods as stage 2. 你可以选择在注册你想要的课程时完成这些学分, or before you begin.

Do you have between 87-88 credits?

  • Start your desired program — no extra credits need! 在12-24个月内完成学士学位-有6个不同的课程可供选择. Minimum of 124 credits needed to earn degree.

Learning at Roberts

A Roberts education is a relational one, 这意味着你将有独特的机会通过亲密关系与有爱心的老师和同学联系和互动, supportive community. Do you want to complete your degree, but unsure where to start? Take a look at this step-by-step guide. You won't be alone, we will be right with you each step

An Investment You Can Afford

We know that a Roberts education is an investment worth making. 但哪个app可以赌足球也理解成年学生返校时面临的经济问题. 这就是为什么哪个app可以赌足球致力于保持全面的成本竞争力. 并且有广泛的选择,使你的教育成为一项负担得起的投资,包括联邦和纽约州的援助, military benefits, employer tuition assistance, our Corporate Partnerships Program, 还有项目奖学金——哪个app可以赌足球努力帮助你最大限度地获得经济援助. 每年,罗伯茨大学都会为超过75%的成年学生提供经济援助. Because we don't want anything to keep you from the life you deserve.

Degree Completion Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Roberts is a transfer-friendly institution, 提供各种各样的方法来帮助你现有的大学学分(或学士学位完成学生的合格生活和职业经历)计入你的学位. 哪个app可以赌足球认为任何人都不应该把时间和金钱花在他们不需要的贷款上, so we're here to help. Opportunities vary by program of interest, 因此,请访问招生页面,了解您的具体项目的更多细节.

We know your minutes are valuable, so we offer a straight-forward, 简化的录取流程,帮助您快速申请和收到决定. With zero application fees and no entrance exams, you have nothing to lose—and your biggest dreams to gain.

  • Choose your program of interest.
  • Complete a FREE online application.
  • Send in relevant transcripts (varies by program)
  • Complete any additional application requirements (varies by program)
  • 在完成所有申请要求后,您将很快收到决定!

As an online Roberts student, you will be a part of an intimate, 支持社区获得相同的学位,并向相同的专家教师学习,就像你在传统课堂上一样. 你的在线教育看起来和传统的大学学习经历很相似, but with these distinctions:

  • Instead of regular, in-person class sessions, you will follow a weekly rhythm of reading, watching occasional videos from your instructor, 参与在线讨论,与同学联系,加深你的学习经验.
  • For some classes, 您将有机会通过视频会议与教师和同学进行实时互动.
  • 你将能够在周内完成作业,在你的时间表内.
  • 你可以计划每周花12-15个小时在课程上(或4-5个小时/学分).
  • Through your online course pages, you will have access to all the resources you need to be successful, including the Golisano Library, the Learning Center, and IT support.

As an online Roberts student, you're one of ours. You are a part of the entire Roberts community, 在你的教育之旅的每一步,你都会得到你需要的个人支持. 所有的课程都以在线导向开始,这将帮助你成为一个成功的在线学习者, 在学习过程中,你会定期与老师和同学互动,获得必要的支持. You will also receive:

  • Unlimited access to the Golisano library, including an abundance of online resources, databases, research guides, and interlibrary loan options.
  • 24/7 access to online librarian assistance. If there are no Golisano librarians available, 您可以从另一个图书馆的图书管理员那里获得帮助,他们可以通过在线聊天系统访问哪个app可以赌足球的资源.
  • One-on-one support from the Learning Center, including individualized academic support, peer tutoring and study groups, the Writing Center, and ESL support.
  • 24/7 access to technical support from IT.

罗伯茨在线教育是许多成年人和专业人士的答案,他们在繁忙的日程中努力为伟大的梦想腾出空间. To determine whether an online education is right for you, we've identified key strengths, traits, 以下的情况可以帮助你评估你是否准备好在网络环境中学习. You are likely a good candidate for online learning if:

  • You are self-motivated and goal-driven.
  • You have good time-management skills.
  • You are self-disciplined and can meet deadlines on your own.
  • You prefer to have more time to reflect before answering a question.
  • Your schedule prevents you from attending a regular in-person class session.
  • Transportation is an issue for you.
  • You have a current computer and reliable internet connection.

想象一下,在一个你经常被真正关心你和你的个人目标的教职员工包围的地方学习, and who continuously pour their time and expertise into helping you succeed. 作为一个致力于丰富的基督教传统和尊重上帝的多样性的社区, 哪个app可以赌足球相信最好的教育是针对每个人的整体,就像身体一样, psychological, social, rational, and spiritual being.

哪个app可以赌足球的学生来自许多不同的信仰背景,具有不同的宗教和精神观点. As a Roberts student, you can trust and know that you are welcome, and that your thoughts, faith perspective, and/or worldview will always be respected, whatever your path at Roberts.

From time-to-time, our faculty and staff may pray for you, for your class, or even with you (if desired), especially during difficult times. You will never have to face anything alone at Roberts.